W h a t   W e   B e l i e v e

Core Beliefs

The following are the core beliefs of Chi Alpha at University of Central Florida based on the foundational truths taught in the Bible.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is God’s message to us, so we seek to understand and obey its truth.


We believe there is one God who is three persons, so we yearn to know Him in all of His complexity and beauty.


We believe Jesus is fully God and fully human, so we rejoice that Christ can be a bridge between us and God.


We believe people throughout history have sinned against God, so we are deeply aware that we too are marked by willful disobedience.


We believe God extends forgiveness to us through Christ, so we repent and rejoice in our forgiveness.


We believe God offers freedom from sin’s grasp, so we live lives that are pleasing to God.

Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus promised every believer the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, which is to be expected and sought after.


We believe that God can heal both the body and the heart, so we pray with faith and hope.


We believe that the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is evidenced initially by speaking in tongues, and we eagerly seek this gift.


We believe in the Church, so we live in this community of faith, inviting others to join us.


We believe God gives leaders as gifts to His Church, so we serve those whom the Lord entrusts to us.

Communion & Water Baptism

We believe God commands his followers to celebrate communion and baptism, so we practice these symbolic actions, reflecting on their significance.

Jesus' Return

We believe Jesus will return to claim His Church, so we live in expectancy of His coming.


We believe Christ will one day be seen clearly as King on earth, so we live as citizens of His Kingdom now.


We believe God is the ultimate Judge, so we live knowing that our choices will echo through eternity.


We believe we will live with God forever, so we live with hope regardless of our circumstances.

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